Top 5 Reasons why you need a 50mm lens

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Whether you are a Nikon Shooter or Canon Shooter (or any other), we have some common facts. Some things like, you can buy the best most expensive camera possible but still you might not get successful photos. Some times its the user error. Some times its that you don’t have the proper equipment.

Not every one can afford to buy all the types of lenses. the solution is to get a good all-round lens. This article is about one lens that can perform very well in most of the situations.

Nikon, Canon, Sony or what every, every manufacture have a 50mm prime lens for their camera. There can be few variations of this like 50mm 1.8 / 50mm 1.4 / 50mm 1.2, still its about 50mm.

Canon & Nikon 50mm lenses

Canon & Nikon 50mm lenses

Here are top five reasons why you need to have a 50mm in your camera bag.

  • Prime Lens Its always best to have a prime lens in your kit. Generally prime lenses are considered as very Fast & Sharp lenses. they give you more professional looking results
  • Portraits
    Hot & Sexy Jesse Jane - Cindy Taylor

    Low light portrait

    Wide open apertures like 1.4, 1.8 gives you nice blurry backgrounds behind you subject which refereed commonly as Bokeh. This plays a big part when it comes to pro portrait photography.

    And mostly 50mm focal length gives you good distance between you and the subject.

  • Low Light Performance Wide open apertures like 1.4, 1.8 not only give you Bokeh, it gives you the chance of getting more light in to the sensor. This makes the 50mm a good night photography lens.
  • Macro
    Bhokeh Macro

    Hokeh Macro

    Macro photography is popular with most of the photography enthusiasts. With a lens like 50mm 1.4 it provides shallower depth of field because of the wide open aperture. You can use macro extension tubes or a set of macro filters to get more macro feel to it.

  • Increase Flash Range Again because of the wide open aperture it allows more light in, so that the flash range will be increase at-least by 1.8x or 2x.


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  1. I like to use my 50mm as a macro lens by carefully unscrewing it from the camera and turning the lens around and holding it up to the camera body. You can get some amazing macro shots.

  2. Wow… Jesse Jane ha ??? She somehow made it to the Camera article with all her clothes intact… :mrgreen:

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